Accommodation summary 

A warm welcome to your Australian home

We understand that while it may be one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your lifetime, moving half way across the world to live and study can be an unsettling prospect for even the most adventurous of young people.

With years of experience in helping students settle into a new country and unfamiliar surroundings, we make your best interests our number one priority. Our aim is to make you feel as safe, comfortable and welcome as possible – in whichever type of student accommodation you choose.

The Accommodation Officer provides assistance and advice on finding student accommodation in Perth.

Contact us at or on +61 8 6462 1300

Are you under 18? Our welcoming Homestay hosts provide international students with a safe, secure and well-supervised home environment. This option is also open to students who are older than 18.

If you choose to live with a Homestay host family, you’ll have the added advantage of experiencing real Australian everyday life.

Students who live in Homestay accommodation usually perform better in English because they interact with their English-speaking host family every day.

All of our highly experienced hosts are carefully screened. Police checks form a routine part of this process.

Key features of Homestay:

  • Your own fully furnished room
  • A clean, non-smoking home environment
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Evening meals prepared by your host
  • Privacy
  • Use of laundry facilities
  • Access to a telephone (you’ll need a phone card)
  • Care if you get sick

Our residential colleges offer close-knit communities of support, friendship and activity, eliminating many of the pressures of living away from home.

Located within walking distance from the main UWA campus in Crawley, and only a short bus ride to Taylors College, University Hall (UniHall), St. Thomas More and St. Catherine’s College give you the best opportunity to take advantage of UWA’s amazing resources and facilities from day one.

Between them, there are over 1300 students of all ages, interests and cultural backgrounds living, socialising and studying together. Well known for their sense of community and diversity, UniHall, St Thomas More and St. Catherine’s College have an equal balance between Australian and overseas residents and will allow you to make friends from all over the world.

UniHall is made up of single student rooms with shared bathrooms. St. Thomas More and St. Catherine's College have single student rooms with shared bathrooms or studio rooms with en-suite facilities. All rooms have internet and telephone facilities.

Meals are provided daily. UniHall, St. Thomas More and St. Catherine’s cater for all dietary requirements.

Are you over 18? You might want to consider renting a flat or an apartment in the local area. Rental properties range from $200 to $400+ plus living expenses, such as food, utilities, transport, clothing and entertainment.

Visit and to begin your private rental accommodation search.


University Hall: $378pp per week

St Catherine’s College: $468pp per week

St Thomas More College: $430pp per week

Homestay: $336pp per week

Rental: $150-$400pp per week

All costs are estimates only and are subject to change without notice. All costs are in Australian dollars. To find out more information, please visit our Fees page.

To convert to your own currency, please visit

For more information on living costs in Australia and the minimum financial requirements to receive a student visa, please visit

Other living costs

Cappuccino: $4.51

Bottle of water: $2.62

Fast food combo meal: $10.00

Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: $25.00

Cinema ticket: $18.00

Fitness club: $62.59 per month

Basic utilities for an apartment (electricity, heating, water, etc.): $210.90 per month

Internet: $73.59 per month

Public transport: Free within the Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup city zones, 40% student discount throughout the rest of WA.

Please note that the living costs are estimates only (source:

My advice is don’t be nervous, you can feel like you are in your own home. My room is very quiet, and sometimes I eat with my friends here.

Laurel from China Living in Homestay, studying the UWAFP

Accommodation location

My Homestay hosts are really, really nice and very kind people. They give me plenty of food, and that’s all that matters!

Amos from Singapore Living in Homestay, studying the UWAFP