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Student results summary

Outstanding student achievements 

Every year, we are proud to see our students graduating with great academic results and progressing into their dream university degrees.

Diploma Programs 2016 Results

In 2016, our diploma students achieved outstanding results and gain their direct entry to second year at University of Western Australia.

  • 98% received an offer to study at UWA.
  • 80% of Science graduates chose Engineering Science as a major.
  • The most popular Commerce major was Accounting and Finance at 35%.

Download our 2016 Diploma Programs student results flyer.

Foundation Programs 2016 Results

  • 85% of students received an offer to UWA.
  • 95% of UWAFP students were offered a tertiary place (including Diplomas and Certificates).
  • Students in the intensive programs (October and April) produced outstanding results with 97% achieving grades required to enter UWA.
  • Students also received offers from Curtin, Murdoch, ECU, Monash, University of Queensland and RMIT universities
  • The most popular undergraduate degrees were Bachelor of Science (45%) and Bachelor of Commerce (43%).

Download our 2016 UWA Foundation Programs student results flyer.