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10 ways to get involved at Taylors College

Posted 21 June 2017

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Coming to a new country to study is challenging; coming to a new country to study where your primary language is not spoken is extremely difficult. Luckily the students at Taylors are (mostly) all in the same boat

In the beginning of your study abroad journey, you will come across an adjustment period. This is a time where you will likely be feeling overwhelmed, maybe miss your family and friends, and find that life seems just a touch harder to manage. During this time it is important to begin to embrace your new life rather than shut off from it. Say “yes” to activities that you are unfamiliar with, meet someone from another part of the world and find commonalities, explore your new surroundings, and just breathe, you will be alright!

While studying at Taylors, it is important to develop a balance of academics and social life. This is important because it will assist you in adjusting to life in Australia. In Australia, we find work life balance extremely important so as a way to familiarise yourself with the culture here, it is best to spend some time away from the books getting involved in extracurricular activities. Here are 10 ways to get involved at Taylors College.

Join a club

Join a club! Taylors has quite a few pre-existing clubs to choose from. Ranging from sports clubs to journalism clubs. ;

Start a club

Is there not a club available that interests you? Start one! You can be sure if you are interested in something other students will be too. Plus this is a great way to meet new people and practice leadership skills.

Join the weekend adventure tours

This is a great way to meet other Taylors Students while exploring parts of Western Australia.

Go on an off campus excursion

Once every few months, we will have excursions off campus. These excursions include kayaking, sailing, paintballing, and more! If you are unfamiliar with the activity give it a go, you might find a new hobby or favourite pastime!

Participate in All School Activities

Almost weekly there will be activities for students on campus. You are already at school so step away from the computer for an hour a week and sing karaoke, practice cooking skills, play Bingo, etc.

 Taylors Perth students activities

Read the weekly bulletins

This is delivered straight to your inbox every week and includes all things related to Taylors! Stay up to date with the happenings on campus.

Become a new student mentor

Taylors Mates is a great program on campus that pairs new students with mentors. These mentors will be a student point of contact for helping you adjust. Once you have been at Taylors for a term, apply to be a mentor. It is a great way to meet new people.

Only speak English

Spend time making the effort to meet new people, and only speak to them in English! Often it is easy to find the groups of people who speak your language. Step out of your comfort zone and make a friend who does not speak your native language, it will help tremendously in your studies along with your social life.

Get to know the social calendar

You are given one at orientation and they are also posted in the student hub. If you have other ideas, suggest them! Likely if you are interested other students will be interested as well.

Taylors Perth students social activities

Live in College Row

There is no better way to get involved than to live in campus housing. Many Taylors students live in college row, so what a great way to make a whole heap of Taylors friends (and other friends) while at “home”. There are so many activities that come along with living in college row; it truly is one of the best ways to get involved.

As a reminder, if things ever seem too overwhelming, do not wait to come and speak to someone. Talk to your teachers and staff members, we are all here to help!


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