Taylors Perth students

The best things about living in Perth

Posted 19 November 2020

 Taylors Perth students 

If you’re thinking of coming to study in Perth and you’re looking to find out what makes Perth a great place to study, this article if for you! We’re going to look at the best things about living in Perth to give you an idea of why our students love it here.

The weather

Perth is known for its warm summers and mild winters and is the sunniest major city in Australia! That means more hours spent outside enjoying the sun with friends and getting that all important vitamin D to make us feel happy! It also brings us to the next best thing about Perth…

The best beaches

The most popular attraction for people in Perth is its beautiful beaches! White sand, big waves and shallow little rock pools with clear blue sea. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a tropical island! We recommend you check out Cottesloe beach for its amazing sunsets and take a boat trip to Rottnest Island with your friends to experience the calm, bright blue waters there.

 The most popular attraction for Taylor Perth students is its beautiful beaches.

A top 100 study environment with a world class University

The University of Western Australia has been ranked in the top 100 universities in the world! Because of this, Perth attracts thousands of students every year who want to focus on their career goals, making Perth a fantastic place to find like-minded people who want to study hard and enjoy life in Australia too. With world class facilities and teachers it’s no wonder Perth has become so popular for international students.

Festivals, events and things to do.

Perth has an amazing multicultural community with a jam packed calendar of events and festivals to suit everyone. There are often exhibitions and events at Elizabeth Quay, in the city centre or a short train journey to Fremantle. Fremantle is a lively suburb full of shops, cafes, museums and markets, our students love going there.

Beautiful scenery

Perth has got the wow factor when it comes to beauty. One of the first things people notice when they first get to Perth is how stunning the scenery is!  There are national parks, wineries and so much more.  You can’t miss The Swan River it runs throughout Perth and is a breathtaking view to see every day.  The sky seems bluer and the air feels clearer, allowing people to relax and focus clearly; the perfect study environment.

A little closer to home

A lot of international students like Perth because it feels a little closer to home than other parts of Australia. For Asian students the time difference is small so communicating with family and friends back home is no problem. We find many of our students greatly appreciate this benefit.

Overall Perth is a beautiful, relaxed and friendly place to live and study where you’ll find everything you need and more. For more information, take a look at the student life section of our website.


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