Taylors Perth progressed student Gia

Why study science at UWA?

Posted 25 November 2020
Taylors Perth progressed student Gia

Huy Thang (Ben) from Vietnam is studying Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at UWA and shares his inspiration for wanting to become a doctor for his career when he graduates.

Ben previously studied the UWA Foundation Program at Taylors College Perth and said it prepared him with ‘fundamental science knowledge’ and ‘made it less daunting going into the first year of university’.

Now he’s studying for his degree and enjoying developing the skills needed to be a doctor, such as being able to communicate with patients and have empathy.

How did Taylors College prepare you for your degree?

“Taylors College provided a very good transition in terms of going to first year of UWA, and it’s quite top university and challenging course as well. Taylors College really prepared me with that fundamental scientific knowledge just within one year. And in terms of a social life or university life in general, Taylors College made it very much less daunting going into first year of university.

“They really helped guide me through the steps along the way until I got here. They helped me with my personal skills, meeting new friends in a smaller community first, and then exposing myself into a larger community later.”

Tell us about your course.

“To be a doctor, there are many qualities that you're going to need to have. Not just being able to effectively communicate with other people or explaining the concepts to your patients. You need some sort of empathy, meaning you need to understand your patient's perspective and all sorts of things that can let your patients trust you and you can still be able to guide them through the steps. It is definitely a lot of skills that this course provides that can help me in the future when I actually become a physician.”

“Now in becoming a doctor or physician, they really want to train you for that teamwork. That's very important. That's why of course they're going to give out assessments like video making or group presentations.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

“When I was younger, my grandfather was a doctor himself and I was always inspired by the idea of becoming a doctor, but as I grew up throughout time, I realised that the actual reason why I want to become a doctor is to reach out and help other people. In my mind, being a doctor is being the leader of the team to help people.”

How would you describe the University campus?

“The campus, it's massive, but it's not hard to get around. It's just beautiful, especially with how they incorporate all the nature, the trees, and all the facilities here are just absolutely stunning. My favourite place to hang out is definitely one of the libraries. I bounce back and forth through the library because that's where most of my friends are. Of course, it's the best place to study. The libraries are absolutely amazing and sometimes they open 24/7. They’ve got good food, good drinks, good coffee.”

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