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UWA Foundation Program summary

Quality assurance

The University of Western Australia Foundation Programs (UWAFP) meet the requirements for Foundation Programs which have been registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia to overseas students providing an academic preparation for seeking entry to first year undergraduate study or its equivalent.

Quick facts

  • Mode of study: Full time, on campus
  • Compulsory online and/or work-based training, placements, other community-based learning, collaborative research training arrangements: Not applicable
  • Award: On completion, a Certificate of Completion is issued
  • Tuition fees: From AU$25,500. For more information, view our UWA Foundation Program course fees
  • Start: January or July (Standard and Extended), April or October (Advanced)
  • Assessment: A combination of coursework assessment and final examinations
  • Duration in weeks: 52 (Standard), 40 (Advanced) or 78 (Extended)
  • Entry requirements: See our entry requirements page

About this program

A supportive stepping-stone to undergraduate year one

The UWA Foundation Program provides international students with a supportive stepping stone to the first year of a Bachelor degree at the University of Western Australia. The program brings together the collective expertise, experience and passion for education held by UWA and Taylors College Perth.

Expert teaching and effective preparation

Supportive and experienced teaching staff help you develop your skills and abilities. You will study independently, work in groups, learn to lead, carry out research and deliver presentations. These are all essential ingredients for success at UWA.

Keeping you on track for success

Throughout the program, your academic achievement will be carefully monitored, and you’ll be given regular feedback on your progress. Every UWAFP unit is made up of coursework (50%) and a final examination (50%).

Flexible study options

Depending on your life plans, academic level and preferred degree subject, the UWA Foundation Program offers advanced, standard and extended options to suit your individual needs.

The foundation for your future

Foundation Program student, Shirley from Vietnam, wants to be a teacher in the future. Her journey starts with our Foundation Program.

Three course options


Intakes January and July
Course length 52 weeks (includes holidays)
Study units 11
English units (total) 4
Total units 15


Intakes April and October
Course length 40 weeks (includes holidays)
Study units 11
English units (total) 4
Total units 15


Intakes January and July
Course length 78 weeks (includes holidays)
Study units 17
English units (total) 8
Total units 25


View the UWA Foundation Program subjects units.

Recommended units

Your choice of subjects for Foundation Program are dependent on the degree program you want to progress to at the University of Western Australia. Here are the recommended units of study for the UWAFP Standard, Advanced and Extended programs based on your intended degree at UWA:

Compulsory units

UWA Degree Compulsory unit
Arts (including Humanities and Communication and Media Studies)

All English units

Biomedical Science

All English Units


(May need additional Chemistry or Biology units)


All English units



All English units


Science (Engineering Science)

All English units




Haven't decided yet?

All English units

Please highlight and UWA degree major that may be of interest to you and we will confirm if an prerequisite may exist

Recommended subject areas

UWA Degree Recommended subject areas
Arts (including Humanities and Communication and Media Studies)



Media and Communication


Biomedical Science


Biology and Human Biology









Human Biology

Science (Engineering Science) Computer Science
Haven't decided yet? Select units from subject areas that you may find of particular interest or suit your career pathway

Other subject areas to consider

UWA Degree Other subject area to consider
Arts (including Humanities and Communication and Media Studies)



Commerce Computer Science
Science* Geography
Science (Engineering Science) Biology
Haven't decided yet? -

*Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics and Physics majors have additional prerequisites

Sample unit enrolment: Standard UWAFP student

This example is for a student interested in studying Commerce at UWA:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
EL1A: Fundamentals of Academic English EL2: Information and Cultural Literacy EL3: Advanced Research A EL4: Advanced Research B
EL1B: Fundamentals of Academic English MA2: Predictive Mathematics MA3: Mathematical Modelling MA4: Calculus
MA1: Mathematical Techniques AC2: Financial Accounting – The Accounting Records EC2: Organisation of Markets MK3: Developing Products and Promotions Strategy
AC1: Financial Accounting – Classification and Presentation EC1: How Markets Work MK1: Marketing Management MC1: Print Media and Advertising

Key = Compulsory units / Elective units

Employability Skills units (compulsory)

Learn more about our Employability Skills (ESK) units that are provided for all Foundation Program students.

Top Scholars program

This Program identifies six academically able students each year early in their Foundation Program and provides them with the opportunity to study an appropriate Level 1 UWA unit concurrently with the balance of their UWAFP studies.

This Program applies to all students entering the UWAFP. Students are eligible to enter if, during their first one or two terms of study, they:

  • achieve an overall average of 80% or more;
  • achieve an average of 55% or more in all English units;
  • are formally recommended by a College Faculty;
  • are subsequently selected by the Director of Academic Programs.

One student from each of the three College Departments (English/Humanities, Maths/Science, Business/IT) will be selected.

The two UWA intakes per year will enable six students to access this opportunity annually.


Learn more about how you will be assessed throughout your studies.

Shuhui from Malaysia

I'm studying the Foundation Program in Science at Taylors College Perth. I'm really enjoying the experience. The teachers have been really interactive with all the students and also, it's quite a small community, so everyone kind of knows each other and they're really friendly. It's like one big family.

Shuhui from Malaysia Studying UWA Foundation Program

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