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Orientation day summary

What happens during your orientation?

The first day of school is the Orientation day for all new students. During this full day (8am arrival to 4pm departure), you will learn the ins and outs of campus life here at Taylors College Perth. You will be introduced to your program curriculum and get set up with everything you need for your studies. This includes, receiving your student ID card, setting up your student email, learning about library and printing services, touring campus, and getting to know your fellow classmates and teachers. Lunch will be provided on this day. 

Orientation day will also include important workshops that are aimed to help you acclimate to your time in Perth. You will have a chance to:

  • Set up a bank account.
  • Receive a Public Transportation card (Make sure you get this at the college after you’ve received your student ID card to ensure you get the student discount).
  • Learn about the city of Perth and international student resources.
  • Hear from the WA Police about safety around Perth.

Important reminders about Orientation Day

  • Remember to bring your passport and Visa on orientation day.
  • You will accomplish all tasks relating to getting started at school this day, there is no need to prepare ahead of time.

Social programs

During Orientation day you will find out about our social activity programs. Taylors College Perth has a vast social program, with close to 10 clubs and various activities running each week. Whatever your hobbies are, we will have an activity to suit you. You will learn more about the activities on campus along with the social calendar during orientation. Please note that some of these activities will cost money so make sure you plan ahead when budgeting for your terms.

In addition to social programs at Taylors College, you are also able to join the Student Guild at UWA, giving you access to many resources for UWA students. They currently have hundreds of clubs and organisations based on cultures, faiths, degrees of study, hobbies, and more. You will also learn more about that on campus, however you can start to acquaint yourself through the UWA Student Guild website.

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Shuhui from Malaysia

Orientation is a place where you can meet new people – that's where everybody's fresh and nervous and excited, too. I remember doing a tour around Taylors College and then we got to see different classrooms. At that time I thought this place is huge, but afterwards I managed to find my way around my classes, so it's not too bad. I definitely met a lot of friends too.

Shuhui from Malaysia Studying UWA Foundation Program

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