UWA students support each other

Student support summary

Your welfare is as important to us as your academic success

Having supported thousands of students on their journey to UWA over the years, we understand the needs of international students.

We help you adapt to life in a new country by surrounding you with a network of support, including a Student Welfare Officer who can advise you on academic, career, health and wellbeing matters.

Student support on campus

Michelle Marr is Campus Business Manager at Taylors College Perth. She tells us about the exceptional experience that staff provide for their students.

Academic Support Coordinator

You’ll find our Academic Support Coordinator on site each day to help you with any areas of study.


Free tutorials are scheduled daily for each subject. This is your time to speak to your teachers one-to-one, or in a small group.

Technologically advanced classrooms

Interactive whiteboards, fitted in most classrooms, enhance your learning experience.

Online learning

Study Smart gives you access to web-based learning activities and course materials designed specifically for your needs. You will also be able to interact and share information with your fellow classmates and track your results throughout the term.

Online study guides

Study Guides take you through the content of your course, providing details of the curriculum, assessment tasks and supplementary course materials.

Student services

Our Student Support Centre staff can help you with any welfare and social issues, giving you the space to concentrate on your studies, and enjoy a fantastic student life. 


Personal counselling services are provided to help you with academic or health issues.

24-hour contact

We’ll give you emergency contact details so you can get in touch with our staff 24 hours a day.


We have a fully trained First Aid Officer and a sick room available, should you need them.

UWA student Farhan from Singapore

As an international student, studying abroad, it's a very big thing. It can be very scary and it gets very overwhelming from time to time. Taylors College - instead of just letting me jump straight into first year of university, which is a very big experience - they really helped guide me through the steps along the way. They helped me on my personal skills, meeting new friends in a smaller community first, and then exposing myself into a larger community later.

Gia (Ben) from Vietnam Studied UWA Foundation Program Now studying Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

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