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Supporting under 18s summary

Support for students who are under 18 years old

Taylors College Perth takes special care and interest in the welfare of our under 18 students. It is a requirement by Taylors College Perth that all students under 18 have a caregiver, regardless of your country of origin.

Caregivers are multilingual and meet with the underage student on a weekly basis to support and guide them. They liaise with the school and your parents, reporting on your academic progress and any concerns regarding health, housing and after hour activities. There is also a 24 hour telephone service in case of an emergency.

Taylors College has made arrangements with a couple of guardian companies to provide caregiver services. If the parents of a student decide to use our approved caregivers, they should contact the caregiver directly to arrange the appropriate service.

ISA Guardian and Welfare Services

Care arrangements must remain in place for the entire period until the student turns 18.

Welfare arrangements

There are three welfare arrangement possibilities for students under the age of 18.

Option 1: Student must have a caregiver and live in an approved Taylors College Perth accommodation, this can be either homestay or residential college. The parents or a Taylors College Perth authorised agent must make the necessary arrangements by contacting our caregiving company.

Option 2: Student to be cared for by a parent, who will live with the student in Australia full time until the student turns 18.

Option 3: Student to be cared for by, and to live with, a Department of Home Affairs approved relative nominated by the parent.

Your student visa will not be granted until your arrangements have been assessed and approved as suitable by Study Group. For all accommodation options please feel free to contact accommodationservicesperth@studygroup.com

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